Use These 4 Factors to Select the Most Appropriate Earthmoving Equipment for Your Project

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Use These 4 Factors to Select the Most Appropriate Earthmoving Equipment for Your Project

7 December 2016
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It is often difficult for the average DIY enthusiast to select the right earthmoving equipment for his or her project from the myriad equipment available at plant hire companies. This article discusses four important factors that you should use to narrow down your options of earthmoving equipment.

Materials to Be Moved

Different pieces of earthmoving equipment are suitable for moving different kinds of materials at jobsites. For instance, wheel tractor scrapers are best suited for projects where one will be moving materials that spread easily, such as sand. However, that tractor scraper will be inadequate to handle a job that requires rocky soils to be moved. An auger scraper would be a better choice for such a project. Think about the materials at your site and select the piece of equipment that will most easily move those particular materials.

Underfoot Conditions

Your choice of equipment should also be based on what type of ground the earthmoving equipment will be moving on. For example, you would encounter many problems if you tried to use a scraper in muddy or wet conditions. Articulated trucks would be a better option for wet or muddy conditions. You need to think about the weather conditions and the way that weather affects the ground before you choose the equipment that will perform optimally in existing or anticipated conditions.

Space Constraints

Scrapers require plenty of space within which to manoeuvre as they do their work. Such equipment is therefore inappropriate for jobsites that are spatially constrained. In contrast, articulated trucks do a better job in places where space is limited. Similarly, mini-excavators can move easily within a constrained site. Avoid hiring earthmoving equipment that will be extremely difficult to use within the space that you have available during your project.

Distances to Be Covered

Many pieces of earthmoving equipment can be driven from the plant hire yard to the jobsite without having to incur the cost of special trucks to transport that equipment. Opt for such equipment whenever it is possible. However, you need to consider the grade of the road when selecting equipment. Some equipment, such as single-engine scrapers, may find it hard to climb steep hills. Conversely, twin-engine scrapers will climb hills easily, but their fuel consumption is very high. Weigh all the factors involved in transporting your equipment of choice and select the least problematic option.

Your project is likely to have no problems if you follow the suggestions above when you visit a plant hire company for the required equipment.