5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Front End Loader

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5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Front End Loader

3 September 2017
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Adding a front end loader to your small tractor can be incredibly useful especially if you need to do snow removal, lift rocks, move dirt or tackle a range of other tasks. However, there are key things you should not do with front end loaders. For your safety, stay away from the following elements:

1. Don't Use the Front End Loader as a Bulldozer

While the front end loader can be incredibly strong whilst lifting things, it is simply not designed to work as a bulldozer. For instance, if you are trying to take down a tree, don't hit it from the front with the tractor. That could damage the front end loader, and even worse, the tree may bend forward, snap back and hit you.

If you need to remove a stubborn tree, either cut it down, or attach chains to the back of your tractor, wrap them around the tree, and attempt to pull the tree down.

2. Don't Forget the Rear Ballast

If the load in your front end loader is too heavy, it may destabilise your tractor and tip it over. To mitigate that risk, you need to load the back of your tractor with some ballast. Follow the manufacturer's instructions with your front end loader to ensure you do this correctly.

3. Don't Use the Front End Loader to Dig

Front end loaders are not designed to work like excavators. They cannot dig into compacted dirt. That puts unnecessary strain on their mechanical components. Instead, just use these loaders to lift up debris, soil, snow and other materials from piles that are sitting on the ground.

4. Don't Use the Loader to Transport Heavy Loads

Once you pick up a load, you can move it a short distance, but you should not rely on the front end loader to move heavy loads long distances. Again, that puts undue pressure on the loader. If you have to move items heavy distance, look for an alternative solution.

For example, invest in a dump trailer for your tractor. Load that up with your front end loader. Then, connect it to the back of the tractor and pull it out of the way.

5. Don't Carry People in the Loader

Finally, don't give rides to children or other people in the front end loader. That can create a risk of injuries to everyone involved. It's important to only use your loader as recommended by the manufacturer.