What Impacts the Cost of Earthmoving Equipment Hire?

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What Impacts the Cost of Earthmoving Equipment Hire?

11 October 2018
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There are many myths and facts about how companies that rent out earthmoving equipment come up with quotes for equipment hire. If you're looking to hire earthmoving equipment for your particular construction job, and you want to know what typically determines the cost of the equipment you want to rent, you've come to the right place.

Here is a look at some of the factors that heavy construction equipment hire companies consider when determining how much you should pay for your earthmoving equipment hire.

What type of earthmoving equipment do you need?

Not all earthmoving equipment are the same. From excavators, to bulldozers, tractors, backhoe loaders, trenchers, graders and many more types of earthmoving equipment available in the construction market, the vast range of options available for you to choose from can be confusing. Regardless of this, the exact type and model of equipment you will need for your project is what will ultimately impact the cost of your rental. Therefore, you will need to single out which type and model of equipment to hire before requesting a quote from the equipment rental service.

How far is your worksite?

Most equipment rental companies include the cost of delivering earthmoving equipment to the client's location in the quotes they provide to clients. While some companies charge a flat fee for transporting earthmoving equipment to drop sites within certain areas, others charge based on the distance involved. Before hiring earthmoving equipment, make sure you know how your preferred equipment hire service provider determines the cost of delivering equipment to your jobsite. 

How long do you intend to use the rented equipment? 

The duration of your rental is also going to determine the cost of your rental. The longer your hire period, the more you will be charged, generally speaking. If you intend to use earthmoving equipment over the long term, renting may be too expensive, so you might want to consider buying the equipment outright instead.

What extra services do you need?

Companies that rent out earthmoving equipment usually offer their clients various services at an extra cost. These services include training of your crew, additional insurance coverage, technical assistance, and more. It is always important to assess your exposures and consider what types of extras will be useful to you. 

For more information on how the cost of earthmoving equipment hire is determined, talk to a trusted heavy construction equipment rental professional about your specific needs.