Three Common Uses of Crushed Rock

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Three Common Uses of Crushed Rock

12 September 2022
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Crushed rock is a familiar product in construction that offers incredible value. However, this product doesn't occur naturally. Larger pieces of rock are usually fed into a crusher to produce smaller chunks. As a result, crushed rock can be created in various sizes to suit specific needs and applications.

While most people may be aware of its use in the construction of structures, crushed rock may be used in landscaping. Here are a few benefits of crushed stone you need to know.

Construction of driveways

Concrete is most likely your first choice if you consider building a driveway for your home. You may also have realized just how expensive it can be to construct a driveway with concrete. Another major disadvantage is that it doesn't offer good drainage. That means the driveway has to be angled to allow surface water run-off. This adds to the cost of constructing the driveway.

On the other hand, using crushed rock is much cheaper to construct your driveway. Furthermore, water doesn't pool but drains into the ground below. However, a base rock layer is vital to provide a firm foundation to ensure that the crushed rock driveway lasts longer.

Garden mulch

Gardening is becoming quite a popular activity for most Australians trying to reconnect with nature. However, you may have quickly noticed that you must keep watering your plants regularly to prevent them from withering and dying.

Mulching is vital to help reduce the amount of evaporation in your garden. Crushed rock can be a clean, safe, and long-lasting mulching material you could use to protect your plants. It promotes good drainage and protects the soil around your plants from direct exposure to the sun's harsh rays. This ensures moisture is retained in the ground for longer, keeping your plants healthy.

In addition, the crushed gravel helps to suppress the growth of weeds, which would otherwise compete with your plants for nutrients hence stunting and suffocating them.


As mentioned earlier, crushed rock is a perfect product for landscaping due to its budget-friendliness, functionality, and aesthetics. You can spread the rocks along your paths, walkways, and seating areas outside your home.  

Since crushed rock also comes in various colours and textures, you have several possibilities to choose from to help match your specific aesthetic.

Finally, since it offers excellent drainage, you avoid the risk of creating breeding grounds for insects, such as mosquitos, due to pooled water. 

For more info about crushed rock, contact a local company.