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Welcome to my blog. My name is Rick. I have moved a few times throughout the last few years and one of my biggest goals each time is to redo my landscaping and change up my lawn and garden. When I look at a piece of land, I can see perfectly how it could be developed and built upon. I have spent a great deal of time learning about earthmoving and construction. I have decided to start this blog so that I can share important information about heavy construction equipment and how it's used in landscaping and development. I hope my articles, which cover a wide range of industry topics, will answer any questions you may have.


Why Size Matters When You Are Renting Commercial Cranes

2 May 2017
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People who intend to hire commercial cranes for a construction project need to think carefully about the most appropriate size of the cranes that will do the work. This article discusses some of the key reasons why size matters when you rent a commercial crane. Footprint Issues Construction sites are getting smaller and smaller. This decrease in the lot size means that you must be very careful when you are renting commercial cranes for a construction project. Read More …

Tips On How To Inspect A Used Rough Terrain Crane For Hire

10 January 2017
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Construction and industrial workplaces that are located in remote areas or locations that feature a roughed terrain may make it hard for you to choose the right lifting equipment. Rough terrain cranes are designed to withstand rough terrains and access any site regardless of its location. Since they are a costly investment, hiring rather than purchasing one can be financially beneficial for your project. However, before visiting a heavy equipment hire company, you should know how to inspect a used rough terrain crane so that you can get one that's functional and in good condition. Read More …

3 Mistakes You Should Not Make When Renting an Excavator

10 January 2017
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Homeowners who would like to perform home improvement projects may wish to rent earthmoving equipment to ease their work. However, some of those homeowners may be disappointed when the equipment that they rent fails to work as expected because they made mistakes during the renting process. This article discusses some of those costly mistakes that you shouldn't make while selecting an excavator to hire. Focusing Only on Engine Horsepower It is wise to consider how much power the engine of a piece of earthmoving equipment is capable of producing. Read More …

Buying Suspension Seats for Trucks: 4 Considerations to Make

3 January 2017
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Truck drivers spend a lot of time seated while driving. As a result, they end up experiencing discomfort like back pain while driving because they're sitting on seats that are not adjustable. A recommended solution for this issue is to install suspension seats with adjustable settings to provide a suitable sitting position while driving. However, you can't just buy any suspension seat for trucks and install it expecting it to be comfortable. Read More …

Why it is necessary for your construction business to own an excavator

28 December 2016
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An excavator plays an important role in all building and construction projects. They are in the form of a boom unit with the capability to swivel 360 degrees as well as a lowly backhoe machine. In the past, large projects were undertaken by hiring very many people, but current construction companies may not find such an option very viable. Most of these companies have tight budgets, thus employing a small number of employees. Read More …