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Welcome to my blog. My name is Rick. I have moved a few times throughout the last few years and one of my biggest goals each time is to redo my landscaping and change up my lawn and garden. When I look at a piece of land, I can see perfectly how it could be developed and built upon. I have spent a great deal of time learning about earthmoving and construction. I have decided to start this blog so that I can share important information about heavy construction equipment and how it's used in landscaping and development. I hope my articles, which cover a wide range of industry topics, will answer any questions you may have.


When to Have Height Safety Equipment Inspections Done

23 November 2021
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If your employees work at height and use height safety equipment as a part of their jobs, then you're probably already aware that there are state and federal laws that require you to have regular inspections done. What a lot of people don't realise, though, is that sometimes additional inspections are needed. These are some of the additional times when you may need to have height safety equipment inspections done. Read More …

Why Should You Use Rigging Equipment in Your Project? Find Out

27 August 2021
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The equipment you use in your construction or engineering project determines the safety of your workers and the success of the project. Therefore, it is advisable to choose your construction equipment skillfully to ensure that it can handle each unique task for the project you plan to undertake. Rigging equipment makes the project manageable and less hazardous. In addition, the appliance will help you to secure and distribute different objects around the building and the construction site. Read More …

4 Reasons You Should Upgrade to LED Trailer Lights

21 June 2021
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Whether your trailer lights have broken or you're simply looking for a good upgrade, LED trailer lighting is the way to go. While incandescent and halogen lights have long been the traditional options, LED bulbs offer numerous benefits over their predecessors, from a longer lifespan to brighter lighting. If you're wondering if it's time to replace your current trailer lighting with LED lights when you next shop for trailer parts, here are four advantages to help you make your decision. Read More …