Buying Suspension Seats for Trucks: 4 Considerations to Make

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Buying Suspension Seats for Trucks: 4 Considerations to Make

3 January 2017
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Truck drivers spend a lot of time seated while driving. As a result, they end up experiencing discomfort like back pain while driving because they're sitting on seats that are not adjustable. A recommended solution for this issue is to install suspension seats with adjustable settings to provide a suitable sitting position while driving. However, you can't just buy any suspension seat for trucks and install it expecting it to be comfortable.

When buying suspension seats for trucks, consider the following factors:

Driver's weight

All suspension seats for trucks are designed with a maximum weight limit for the driver, meaning they have different maximum weight ratings. It is advisable to buy a suspension seat with a weight rating higher than the driver's actual weight.

A higher weight rating is preferable because of two reasons. One, the seat will last longer because its maximum capacity never gets utilized and, two, you may need to hire a driver who weights more in the future.

Vertical adjustment range

Suspension seats enable an operator to adjust the vertical height of the seats to a position comfortable for them. Some seats can adapt to positions high enough to touch the roof as well as the floor while others only facilitate a small vertical adjustment height. Considering that there are tall and short drivers, it is best to buy suspension seats for trucks that have the maximum adjustable vertical height.

Sitting space and cushion width

Similar to weight, drivers tend to have different sizes of sitting capacity. There are big drivers as well as thin ones, and each requires a different seat size suitable for their comfort. Thus a cushion width of about 16-inches and 22-inches for slimmer and larger drivers respectively should suffice.

However, there are suspension seats for trucks that can be adjusted to suit both slim and heavily build drivers. Adjustable cushions are the best option because any driver can use them comfortably without having to install a new suspension seat.

Durability of the control panel

Suspension seats for trucks come with a control panel that houses various buttons, knobs and levers used in adjusting the position of the seat. The control panel and its controls usually get made of plastic, metal as well as other composite materials. Due to the frequent use of the controls, the panel as well as the buttons and levers are prone to get damaged. Thus, when buying the seats, it is essential to pick the ones with a control panel made from a durable material to ensure that it doesn't get damaged easily.