Why Size Matters When You Are Renting Commercial Cranes

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Why Size Matters When You Are Renting Commercial Cranes

2 May 2017
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People who intend to hire commercial cranes for a construction project need to think carefully about the most appropriate size of the cranes that will do the work. This article discusses some of the key reasons why size matters when you rent a commercial crane.

Footprint Issues

Construction sites are getting smaller and smaller. This decrease in the lot size means that you must be very careful when you are renting commercial cranes for a construction project. Larger cranes, such as tower cranes require plenty of space to set up. Trucks delivering the crane components also require a lot of space to reach your construction site. You may therefore have to pay for access to an adjoining site in order to use it to set up the large crane. These additional costs can jerk up the overall cost of your construction project. You should therefore get the smallest commercial crane that can perform the needed tasks at your site without imposing unnecessary costs on you.

Set Up Times

Larger cranes usually take much longer to set up when compared to smaller cranes. That set up time may also be included in the duration for which you have rented the commercial crane. You may therefore have to pay for the additional time that the crane spends in order to complete the actual work for which you rented that heavy equipment. Smaller commercial cranes can be set up in a shorter time so that they can get to work quickly. You are therefore likely to get better value from a smaller crane that doesn't take up a lot of time to set up before it can be put to work.

Impact on Rental Charges                                

One of the biggest reasons why the size of commercial cranes matters is the effect of size on rental charges. Larger commercial cranes are usually more expensive to insure. They also require more people, such as mechanics and relief operators, to keep them working effectively. Those factors increase the cost of keeping a large crane at your construction site each day. Those operating costs are usually transferred to you. That is why you need to get the smallest crane that can do the work needed. In this way, you will be able to keep overall project costs affordable.

It may not be easy for you as a layperson to determine the most appropriate size of the commercial cranes that you need to hire for your project. You should therefore consult several crane experts in your area so that you get technical assistance in specifying the right cranes for the job.