Safe Trenching: Three Planning Tips for Efficient Aluminium Shoring

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Safe Trenching: Three Planning Tips for Efficient Aluminium Shoring

17 March 2019
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Trenching is one of the most dangerous processes in construction and other projects that require this form of earthmoving. In general, working in trenches means being below the ground in a confined space. Moreover, there is always the looming danger of collapsed earthen walls. Therefore, when conducting trenching work on your property, you must ensure that the workers are adequately protected. One of the most effective protective measures is installing an aluminium shoring system. The equipment will apply pressure on the walls of the trench, preventing the inward collapse of the surrounding soil. This system is perfect because it is lightweight. Here are a few simple tips to help you plan for the acquisition and installation of the aluminium shoring:

Evaluate the Trenching Design

If you are planning on acquiring a shoring system, you should understand the specific trenching needs for your project. In simple terms, you cannot simply hire a shoring system without knowing the details of the excavation work. Under normal circumstances, you should determine the dimensions of the trench to be created. This is particularly important when dealing with deep trenches because more protection might be necessary. For instance, installation of steel shoring or trench boxes might be needed if the deep trenches cannot be propped by lightweight aluminium.

Choose Compatible Equipment

Once you know the scope of the trenching work, you can acquire the right aluminium system. When choosing your shoring equipment, you should provide the complete details of the earthmoving work to the machinery supplier. They will be able to recommend compatible systems based on the specific type of trenching work, dimensions and general designer, shortening your search for the best shoring setup.

In general, you should consider the pressure which the equipment will need to withstand. The total loading will depend on the type of soil and trench depth. If you cannot find a system which can bear the weight of your trench, inquire about the possibility of acquiring a custom engineered solution. You should also look for a shoring system with safety features like handrails, integrated ladders and board bearers.

Plan for Professional Shoring

Choosing the best aluminium shoring equipment will not guarantee worker safety. In simple terms, if a good protective system is not installed correctly, its performance will be poor; consequently, the people working in the trench will still be vulnerable. Therefore, you should hire a professional rigging team to set up the shoring machinery. Experienced installers will ensure that the propping equipment provides the best protection and minimises the risk of accidents.