When to Have Height Safety Equipment Inspections Done

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When to Have Height Safety Equipment Inspections Done

23 November 2021
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If your employees work at height and use height safety equipment as a part of their jobs, then you're probably already aware that there are state and federal laws that require you to have regular inspections done. What a lot of people don't realise, though, is that sometimes additional inspections are needed. These are some of the additional times when you may need to have height safety equipment inspections done.

You've Failed a Previous Inspection

If you have recently had an inspection done on your height safety equipment, you might have been surprised and upset to find that your equipment did not pass inspection. Make note of the reasons why your equipment did not pass inspection so you can make the appropriate changes, such as having repairs done or investing in additional equipment. Then, have another inspection done to be sure that your current equipment is up to par.

You've Hired New Employees

If you have hired new employees, you may need to have another height safety equipment inspection done. Then, you can be sure that you have enough equipment for all of your employees, and you can make sure that the equipment that you have properly fits your employees.

You've Changed the Work That You Do

Different height safety equipment is needed for different types of jobs. If your business normally works on residential jobs, for example, you might need to invest in new equipment to work at higher heights for industrial or commercial jobs. A professional inspector can talk to you about the new work that you are going to be doing, and they can then inspect your equipment to determine if it's appropriate for your company's changing needs.

An Employee Has Gained or Lost a Lot of Weight

You might not think that the weight of your employees really impacts anything. However, if one of your employees has gained or lost a lot of weight, you might need to have some of their equipment inspected. For example, you'll need to have fit test done to be sure that their safety harness still fits them properly and securely. You may need to check weight limits on certain equipment, too.

There's Been an Accident

If your height safety equipment has failed and caused an accident, then you should address the situation immediately. Have your equipment inspected and determine if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced to help prevent future accidents from occurring.