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Optimising the Use of Heavy Construction Equipment

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rick. I have moved a few times throughout the last few years and one of my biggest goals each time is to redo my landscaping and change up my lawn and garden. When I look at a piece of land, I can see perfectly how it could be developed and built upon. I have spent a great deal of time learning about earthmoving and construction. I have decided to start this blog so that I can share important information about heavy construction equipment and how it's used in landscaping and development. I hope my articles, which cover a wide range of industry topics, will answer any questions you may have.


Why it is necessary for your construction business to own an excavator

28 December 2016
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An excavator plays an important role in all building and construction projects. They are in the form of a boom unit with the capability to swivel 360 degrees as well as a lowly backhoe machine. In the past, large projects were undertaken by hiring very many people, but current construction companies may not find such an option very viable. Most of these companies have tight budgets, thus employing a small number of employees. Read More …

Four Questions to Ask Before Turning to Float Hire to Move Your Heavy Equipment

28 December 2016
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If you need to move heavy machinery from one jobsite to another, you may need to turn to float hire. This gets your heavy machinery off the road and safeguards it from unnecessarily racking up kilometres on the odometer. However, if you have never hired a float before, there are several questions you should ask to ensure you get the right one: 1. What Is Your Maximum Carrying Capacity? In most cases when you turn to float hire, the trailer has a maximum carrying capacity. Read More …

How to keep heavy construction equipment in good condition

19 December 2016
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The progress of a construction project is heavily dependent on the quality and functionality of the equipment which the labourers use to do their work. As such, it makes sense to take steps to keep your rented construction machinery in good condition. Here are two ways that you can do this. Establish a cleaning routine Construction work is inherently messy; because of this, machinery tends to get incredibly dirty. Being continually exposed to mud, dust, grease and moisture can take its toll on equipment, resulting in poorer performance and, ultimately, a reduced lifespan; the accumulation of dirt inside electrical or mechanical components can affect a machine's functionality, whilst excessive amounts of moisture can damage protective paintwork, which can, in turn, cause corrosion. Read More …

Lifted Up: A Guide to Sourcing Quality Crane Operator Labour

9 December 2016
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Whether you're looking for a lift supervisor, a rigger or a telehandler operator, it can be difficult to source good, trained labourers for your construction project.  With so many different accreditations and safety certificates available, it's hard to tell on paper which candidates are the most experienced. Here are some tips to ensure that you're hiring good quality operators for your site.  After all, as everyone knows—with all the best management and planning in the world, it's impossible to keep a project running smoothly without experienced practical hands on deck. Read More …

Use These 4 Factors to Select the Most Appropriate Earthmoving Equipment for Your Project

7 December 2016
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It is often difficult for the average DIY enthusiast to select the right earthmoving equipment for his or her project from the myriad equipment available at plant hire companies. This article discusses four important factors that you should use to narrow down your options of earthmoving equipment. Materials to Be Moved Different pieces of earthmoving equipment are suitable for moving different kinds of materials at jobsites. For instance, wheel tractor scrapers are best suited for projects where one will be moving materials that spread easily, such as sand. Read More …